Weather Delayed Dismissal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

 As you know, Florida summer weather brings lots of afternoon thunderstorms. I wanted to take a moment to remind our returning parents and inform our new parents of the Weather Delayed Dismissal policy and what it means. According to School Board Policy, the Delayed Dismissal Rule should be used during thunder/lightning events to determine when to seek a safer location. The Rule states that when staff members see lightning, they begin to count the time until they hear thunder. If the time is 30 seconds or less, students and staff must be kept in a safe location because lightning is in the immediate area, presenting a safety hazard. We have to then wait thirty minutes after the last thunder clap is heard before leaving the safe location. If this situation happens during the school day, students will be brought indoors and will not be allowed on playground areas, the field, or under the pavilion. If this happens during dismissal, it will delay our dismissal. We will attempt to notify parents via the automated School Messenger System. OCPS busses will not be loaded until the “all clear” occurs and the Delayed Dismissal is lifted. Staff will not be able to load cars or release walkers/bikers until that time as well.

 How will this affect your child?

· Busses will not be loaded and will be held until “all clear”, therefore there will be a delay in their delivery time home. You are urged to remain home and wait for the bus as you may miss your child if you attempt to come to school to pick them up.

· Car Riders will not be loaded by staff or patrols. Parents who wish to leave their vehicle and come to the front doors to sign out their child will need to bring their car sign. Students will not be released unless the parent signs them out. Please understand this is for the safety of the children.

· Walkers/Bikers will not be released until the “all clear” is given.

· While we certainly hope that these situations are few and far between, with the unpredictable Florida weather, these very dangerous lightning storms can occur at any time and should be taken seriously. You are urged to consider allowing your child to remain inside our school until the lightning clears. The safety of our students is first and foremost and we thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.



Dr. Osborne