Missions, Vision & Objectives

OCPS Vision
To ensure every student has a promising and successful future

OCPS Mission
With the support of families and the community, we create enriching and diverse pathways to lead our students to success

OCPS Objectives
To focus our efforts to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision, the board and superintendent set six broad objectives.

  • High Expectations for Student Learning
  • Student Social and Emotional Well-Being
  • Dedicated and High-Quality Team
  • Positive Climate and Safe Environment
  • Efficient Operations
  • Engaged and Invested Community

OCPS Market Differentiators

  • Highest Quality Academic, ARts and Extracurricular Activities
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Innovators in Digital Learning
  • Recognized for Operational Excellence and Community Support
  • Leader in Career and Technical Education
  • Extensive Choices and Unique Learning Opportunities
  • Transparent and Accountable to Our Stakeholders
  • Embrace and Celebrate a Diverse Community