Media Center Policies

Independence Elementary Media Center Contract

Dear Parent/Guardian,

                 Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  Your child will be visiting the media center at school periodically this year. Students will be responsible for all materials they check out and are expected to return materials on time. We want students to be able read their books at night and bring the books back to school to return the book when they are finished. Please have your child keep their library book in their backpack when they are not reading it so the book does not become damaged or lost.

During the school year, the students learn about the how to take care of their books.  Should a book be accidentally damaged, please do not try to repair it yourself. Return it to the media center staff and tell us what happened. We will try to repair the damage using professional book repair materials and techniques. If the damage cannot be repaired you will be responsible for the cost of replacing the damaged book. Should a book become lost while in your child’s possession, he/she will be held responsible for paying for the book.  The student will not be allowed to check out any other books until the item is returned or the fine is satisfied.

The Media Center at Independence is a very busy place. We are always looking for volunteers to help out in the Media Center, especially during book fairs. If you or anyone you know would like to get involved, please contact the media staff by phone at 407.217.7727 extension 4364227. To volunteer, you must become an approved OCPS ADDitions Volunteer.

This form will be sent home with your child. Once this form is signed and returned to the media staff your child will be able to check out materials from our school’s media center/library and be able to take the books home at the teacher/parent discretion.



Mrs. Amy Hohman, Media Specialist